Pessimism just keeps gettin' better

...no really

6 May 1984
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A sacrificial lamb set free with a chainsaw. I'm here to reap the world of it's comfort and bear the true essence of life upon itself. I hope to create chaos with my influence. A world where the fake and the bastardised are a memory, a shamed, forgotten past event. In this world I wish to reside. Yes I'm judgemental. But fuck it, if we never were, we'd have nothing to relate improvements upon. How can we improve if we don't know what is a bad trait?

Clever stuff what I had done saided at some point
"Insomnia isn't ageist. It'll strike you up no matter where you lie in the age chart. Trust annoyances to be the only things that work without bias."

"Life can't have high points without low points to punctuate the contrast."

"Life is a jigsaw puzzle, and every person you meet adds a new piece to your puzzle. And when all is said and done, even people you didn't like have invariably made an impact on the person you are today. So take my advice, even if you dislike someone, get to know them, that way when you die, your puzzle may be complete"

And here are quotes which I wish I could take credit for, but having read them, realise could not pass of as my own
"Once I was in a casino, and the security guard asked me to move. He said "You are blocking the fire exit". Like I wouldn't run if there was a fire. If you have legs, and are flammable, you can never block a fire exit." Mitch Hedburg, comedian.
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